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Looking to expand your business to have an online presence, but don't know how to go about it?

Have you already got an online presence, but it is not performing?

E-commerce solutions or online marketing can add greatly to an existing bricks and mortar business. Unfortunately quite often they don't. Why do so many e-commerce solutions fail to deliver the results hoped for, while a few website solutions deliver much better results than could have been expected? The reasons are many, but like all business failures, web business failures are a result of lack of correctly applied skills. (In both the online and off-line environments)

Successful e-commerce websites have certain things in common. They have products appropriate to the web, development of good online traffic sources, development of good usable website, good off-line order fulfillment and customer handling, and good development of brand recognition on the web. The skills pertaining to these e-commerce successes is a combination of new e-business skills along with old school retail experience. It is for these reasons that Cyber Horizons believes that long term successful e-commerce websites will be the developments of clicks and mortar* partnerships.

A clicks and mortar partnership is the combining of a specialist online e-tailor with a bricks and mortar retailer. This combining of correctly matching partners will yield e-commerce solutions that attain long term success. If you are a successful bricks and mortar retailer, and are looking for success in the e-commerce region, follow the below links to learn more.

  1. Benefits of a Successful e-Commerce Solution for Retailers
  2. Website Development and Going it Alone
  3. Affiliate Option
  4. Win-Win Mentality
  5. What Works on the Web
  6. Cyber Horizons - Clicks and Mortar Option
  7. Contacting / Applying

* First coined by Martin Lindstrom